How to establish family relationships?Can we call a man a more ferocious creature than a tiger? Not­really it is harder to respond to kindness and understanding?


One woman came to the old sage for advice.

She told­hall him the following: “Talking about my husband, the sage, ” she said. — He is very dear to me. In the last three years he was in the war. But after his return he almost doesn’t talk to anyone. When I spoke with him, he appeared not to hear me. But if speaks, he speaks roughly. If I cook his favorite meals, he repels them and angrily leaves, inde­Tu. Sometimes, when he would have to work in the rice fields, I see him sitting on top of a hill and looking into the distance, the sea. I need a potion, — said the young woman, — to become a loving and affectionate person I used to be”.

The sage told her to bring us a live tiger from which he could do for her magic potion.

At night, when the husband fell asleep, the wife stealthily left the house. In her hand she had a pot of rice drizzled with meat sauce. She went to a place near the mountain-side, where, as everybody knew, lived a tiger.

Standing far off from the cave of the tiger, she was holding a pot of ri­som, inviting the tiger to come and eat, but the tiger did not come. Every­blow night she came to the place, but each time it approach­Dila to tiger a few steps closer. And although tiger did not go to her call, he gradually became accustomed to it.

Once she approached the Panther cave on th­of a thrown stone. This time the tiger came out, was not­how many steps and stopped. They looked at each other in the light of the bright moon.

The next night the same thing happened, but this time they were so close to each other that she Zago­varila him with a quiet, soothing voice.

The next night, carefully looking her in the eyes, the tiger ate the food she brought along.

The following night the tiger was already waiting for the arrival of a woman standing on the path at the caves.

It’s been almost six months since her first visit to the ne­sure. Finally, one night, patting the head of the animal, she said, “Of a generous animal, I need to get you one from us. Don’t be mad at me, please”. And she snatched one of us.

Then a woman came to the sage with a tiger’s mustache, hard super­th the palm of your hand. Sage carefully studied the heads, then tossed it into the fire.

“my Dear, — said the old man. — Can we call a man a more ferocious creature than a tiger? Not­really it is harder to respond to kindness and understanding? If your patience and tenderness could cause in wild and bloodthirsty animal a sense of trust, you can do the same with her own husband”.

So what prevents a woman to establish family relationships?

If our Russian woman and a galloping horse will stop. Maybe we shouldn’t go “on tilt”, and don’t stop him?

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