As the birth of a child affects family relationshipsThe birth of a child inevitably predicts significant changes in family relationships. But what will become of these relationships, will they be able to unite the family or, conversely, will crack, depends on you.

Worldly wisdom says, “Warned – forearmed”, on this basis, we decided to describe the main “stumbling blocks” on the way to family well-being faced by spouses when a new family member. Relationships begin to change in the period, when a woman finds out that will become a mother. In addition to joy and happiness, she possessed the anxiety and fear of the unknown. Partner support is needed now more than ever. But many men are not aware that their beloved had changed, become more vulnerable. At the same time, the woman does not understand that parental instinct that awoke her, some time will be unknown to her partner.

But really difficult for family relations is the birth of a baby. For women the child becomes the center of the universe, she unquestioningly sacrifice their interests for the sake of the crumbs. At this point, activates the jealousy of men towards their own son or daughter. In retaliation for the lack of attention from his wife, he begins to spend more time on their interests: work, meeting friends, football, etc.

During this period it is important not to rely on what your partner finds out and to find time to discuss all the problems, in order to smooth out the rough edges. Find the time to communicate, be interested in the Affairs of each other, do not ignore requests for assistance. Well, if you have relatives who from time to time will be able to sit with the baby, so his parents spent an hour-the second alone, went to the movies or just a walk in the Park.

Baby for 3 years and seemed to be the most difficult already behind. But you should not relax. It’s time for mother’s jealousy, because now began the process of socialization of the child and he spends more time with daddy (this applies not only to sons but to daughters).

For the harmonious development of the baby it’s right to entrust the function of authoritative parenting on the father, but the majority of mums believe that no one will be able to take care of their child better themselves. Here and originate new conflicts and misunderstandings. Problems are best solved immediately, otherwise the delay of the rubber will cause the teenage mother to teach the son how to be a man, and my dad will try to teach my daughter to be a woman. With either the first or the second will not be good, moreover, you may sow in their children the self-confidence.

In any case, remember:

– what to pay attention to all family members,

– what you must spend more time with your family, to communicate with each other,

– it is important to learn to negotiate and to discuss your questions immediately, without accumulating grievances and complaints,

– the main thing is trust: both parents must make an equivalent contribution to the education of the child,

– the showdown stand outside a child’s room, your differences should not affect the baby

– if you want your child to respect you, don’t let in his presence to offend their partner or their parents.