crossed her face familiarSince then many years have passed. And on that clear, Sunny day, when I walked through the streets of the city and enjoyed the summer Islands, enjoying the warm autumn sun and smiling passers-by, I met Her. Tall, slender, shimmering in the sun MOP of long hair, she slowly walked towards me. Her every movement was filled with femininity, grace and some relaxed love in life. I would have passed if I hadn’t heard:

– You’re not the first one who doesn’t recognize me, so I’m not even offended. – She laughed merrily. I turned and after a moment the confusion in my mind began to emerge a familiar way.

– LEL? You? Can’t be!

The pause is too long, and I didn’t know what to say. Unlike the previous LEL, it took the initiative in their hands and not do, where we go and what we will do. It was obvious that she was glad of the meeting, but gives me time to recover.

– Good to see you. Yeah don’t worry, I won’t know . And again a gentle smile, relaxed movement, slight turn of the head. And again, I don’t recognize her. Where was the “iron lady”, which had no idea about what true femininity, tenderness and grace? Which has condemned these girls and believed that a woman should be strong and punchy, confidently asserted that “men are extinct” and women have to pull all by yourself?

It seemed to me that I thought this myself, but apparently I was so shocked that he said them out loud. And if she got violent, took offense and said if in response, a lot of things, but now she smiled all the same, apparently, usual for her, a barely perceptible smile and decided to help me and offered to go to a cafe to drink tea.

– In the cafe? Tea? Aren’t you in a hurry? Because you’re always busy?

– No, of course. Are you confusing me with the former LEL, and now everything is different. At the time, in a past life, you were one of the few who managed to keep me good relations, in spite of my hard character. And I am very glad that I met you. Phone I after resuscitation lost and couldn’t find your coordinates. But trust the Universe and know that sooner or later we will meet again.

– Well. I know a cozy cafe, there is no smoke, soft music, stunning pancakes very tasty tea.

– Here and perfectly. And on the way you will be able to get used to me and new to gather my thoughts.

And how does she do it? She subtly felt my condition and realized that I now need. I’ve never known her like this observation. This time I was not taken aback and asked how she does it.

– Why, you are, too . — said LEL. – For women it is a completely natural state. When you develop a womanhood, you begin to see the world and people around them in a different light, your intuition begins to work on another level. The closer you become to her female nature, the happier you are and the more happy people appears around you. What am I telling you this, you are thin people feel. I never understood how you do it, and sometimes miffed at you for it. No, rather, envied.

Thus chatting, we soon reached the café. The door was open and sunlight could freely wander through the inner walls of the room. Sometimes they were forgotten and came at the faces of the visitors. The cafe was not crowded and, as always, cozy. After placing the order, I finally came to my senses and started to get used to a new LEL. Although it is not a big deal. If earlier communication with her was difficult and left a feeling of fighting, though, according to the LEL, and I was able to find common language with her, but it was extremely difficult for me. Now in her company I felt relaxed and calm. There was a feeling, as if I continue to walk through the quiet streets and enjoy the sunshine. Yes, I caught myself thinking that bathe in the sun, which she seemed to radiate.

— You have become a sun . — I looked at it carefully. And yet feminine. Can you tell me what happened? How did you become like this? How did you learn to radiate such a calm and light? What happened to that “man in a skirt”? Anyway, how have you been?

– So many questions and so much interest to me. Thank you, I am pleased. You always knew how to communicate and listen to people, even though I had not appreciated. Judging you for what you are as I thought, to anything not seeking, you have some great goals, and that you never in no hurry. Now that I see your happiness, and your success that you have achieved as an afterthought, without haste and without strain, and that you’re enjoying my feminine nature. And I used such women were condemned. Well and envied, of course. Even though this was not recognized. And the first thing I did after resuscitation, it was no longer in a hurry.

– Yes, I remember you have it. I tried to see you, but your husband said you did not want to meet.

That’s right. We did not know how much time I have left to live. I needed to understand myself and to have time to ask forgiveness from her husband. I then did a lot of thinking, pondering and analyzing my life and my behavior. Year I with anyone other than my husband talked. Two years after that, talked with a very limited number of people. At the time, it helped me to obtain myself. This seclusion has allowed me to become what you see me now.

– LEL, tell me how you did it so rapidly? How did you become so girly? Like this real?

– You long story or short?

– Better long, with details, comments and amendments.

We brought fragrant Jasmine tea and ruddy pancakes with cottage cheese. As always, they were just magical – tender, melting in the mouth. How to eat well in the company of a man who, like you, is able not to rush and enjoy every minute of your life.

LEL leaned back in his chair, took a Cup of tea and crossed her face familiar, easy smile.

– Well, I will try to tell you the story of how I became feminine and calm. One side will try in some detail, with another, without unnecessary details and sentimental scenes, but they were enough. After all, when you begin to change, learn to live in accordance with their needs and desires, there are many people who do not like very much. They try to get you back the same.