The main parting words for the women in family relationsWhen a woman behaves like a woman, a man is forced to behave like a man.

Add after this and nothing special. Every woman wants to be weak — in the sense, to do nothing, never accept responsibility, but to be able to fulfill all their desires.

But for a healthy strong family relationships need the power. This force need only be directed at the leadership of her man, not on manipulation and butting, and to be a woman.

A womans strength is her weakness — so they say, and it’s close to the truth… if it is correct to understand these words.

If a woman wants to keep their family relations with a man, she should be able to retreat into the background to take the position of “weak”.

But to do that, woman need the power and the willingness to step on the throat of his song.

Believe it — or argue, but only by learning to yield to her man, a woman can be truly happy. And it, by and large, not in the assignment, per se, but that it is the only way to defeat their pride and solve all the problems it caused. Without this, women will never be normal no family relationships, no peace in my soul.

Therefore, dear and wonderful women, learn how to tell your man “Yes, dear”.

This did not detract from your dignity and your self worth. All you need is to learn to accept men’s choice and to stop running ahead of the engine.

If you do not, if you allow yourself to get the better of man, and that you are strong! — you cut a branch on which sit.

Yes, a man must be strong and must be able to put a woman on the place, but these men do not fall from the sky and, generally, abhors a vacuum. Behind every strong man stands a strong woman who managed to be weak and thus made strong to be his.

Here’s the main wisdom woman — her man needs to grow.

To show him that he is strong and teach him that power to use. There are no weak men, there are only those, who have forgotten about their masculine identity. And that woman can this essence in man to awaken.

So stop waiting for life freebies. Whatever high opinion of yourself you are, you are not going to adult men as long as you do not learn to be women — soft, flexible, strong and wise. And then look back, and wow — next to you the man that you never dreamed of.

All of these recommendations make sense only under one indispensable condition — they need to follow along.

If “by the rules” will play one, second it uses for the good of their problems, and eventually everything will be even worse.

Therefore, do not try immediately to apply to yourself, if your family relationships have long been out of control. The building is already destroyed, but continuing family relationships, the theme is completely separate to this article, have no relationship.

With wishes of a happy family life and longevity