How to build and maintain healthy family relationships to old ageRules that will help to maintain and strengthen family relationships

Building family relationships is a complex process. Very well, when a man and a woman understand what happened between them, and what internal processes are behind this.

But we can’t all be psychologists…

So, talk to position, which is understandable to all — to imagine that we just want to preserve the freshness and joy of our family relations, and leave out all the smart arguments about psychological health, personal development and the meaning of life.

Self-promotion: recommendations helped to maintain family relationships many of my clients.

Here are all the most important things you need to know about family relationships.

Each item labored on my own experience and verified with the joys and sorrows of many patients. The longest and most complete article on the website — add to bookmarks, maybe someday it will save your family relationships. I decided on purpose not to break the text into parts so that all the information was together under one link.

Many family relationships are built on mutual emotional dependence and only hinder the maturing of the partners. In such a family relationship more harm than good, and to fight for them — our own peril. But sometimes, what’s really valuable and wonderful family relationships that would bring true happiness, apart from the most stupid and elementary mistakes.

We all want to meet such a person won’t need to strain, to which all will be easy, with whom marital relations will develop its course to the mutual satisfaction.

And when we find congenial person, we just want to relax and let go of the reins. Because it seems that with a loved one, finally, can be themselves and not make any more efforts.

But that starts a movement in family relations downhill.

Love is never enough. When raging emotions, decrease the intensity of feelings a couple of degrees is not so noticeable.

But later, when every day the temperature is getting close to zero, it is not clear where the passion is gone, why still touch already stirs the soul, why is the only person in the world becomes familiar and ordinary.

The fire burns family relationships very quickly if not taken care of. And unfortunately, the extinction of mutual interest is considered as a normal phenomenon as the neurotic basis of many family relationships. So people talk about how to restore family relationships former brightness, not on how to keep them from burning.

But to inflate a new fire from the ashes is almost impossible.

On the other hand, if the re going to look — not to give firewood blaze in full force and from time to time to lure new — it can burn and warm with its warmth as long as you wish.