How to learn to combine work and family relationships?Currently, almost every woman dreams to build a career and at the same time wants to be the perfect hostess and wife. But often, chasing two hares, catch neither one fails. One of the areas in any case will suffer. To achieve harmony both at work and in family relations it is very hard.

If for women important both these aspects and it cannot give preference to either one of them, it will have to be patient and good to work on yourself:

1. You need to learn how to organize your time so that on arrival home, still for a household.

But it needs to follow a regime of sleeping and eating habits. Specifically, it is desirable to determine in what time will Wake-up and bedtime so that your body gets used. Then difficulties with early rise will not occur. The same applies to nutrition. Adhering to in the body has enough energy and strength.

2. On arrival home you want to disconnect from work, to forget about all problems and difficulties.

Should fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the home, then the husband will always feel that you are present with him, and not hovering somewhere in the clouds. If problems at work are very serious, you can discuss them with your partner. Maybe it will help find the right solution. All working cases are best addressed with in the morning. You can get up in the morning an hour earlier and, until the house is quiet, quiet to finish his business.

3. No need to put career above the house, or Vice versa, otherwise one of them might get hurt.

It would be good to learn to switch from one to another. If you’re at work, think only about work, if the house – only the house. Important concentration. Should make the same amount of effort as a career and housework. Of course, in this case the career will slow down because your strength is halved. We need to remember this.

Ideally, for such women it would be good to find a job she can do at home. Then no problems will arise. Such a woman is an excellent homemaker and wife. And at the same time will successfully move up the career ladder.