Keep a personal territory in family relationshipsAnother rampant and destructive misconception is that a man and a woman in love family relationships have to do everything together, sleep in the same bed, not have secrets and, in General, belong to each other completely.

Yes, at the initial stage of family relations and not want for a minute to break away from each other.

Friends, work, Hobbies — everything is put aside just to be together. It may be romantic, but to squeeze each other dry and immediately is dangerous. To reduce the whole meaning of life for family relations, even the most beautiful person, then to lose touch with reality.

As wonderful as these family relationships, sooner or later, they’ll tire of both. You can’t live with each other, otherwise, life will soon become black and white. But most couples do not understand and, conversely, strive to merge their lives into one.

From a practical point of view, it may seem right and proper. Shared finances, shared vacation, shared food, shared fun, mutual friends, and often common work.

It seems that such consistency expresses great love and trust for each other. But after a year, the romance disappears, and both begin to understand that life turned in a strange way and passes now as if by.

Even the best and most versatile person you will quickly get bored if all the time to sore your eyes.

Like a good wine — if you drink it in one gulp from the beer mug, his entire gustatory value disappears from the second SIP. Expensive beverage to be savored — to drink slowly and savor every SIP — only this way will reveal the whole bunch of feelings.

Same with family relationships — if does not limit, you can enjoy each other to the bottom in a few months.

And who would be better?

When a man and a woman meet, they are independent people with their own views, interests, and friends — and that’s the way they like each other. Man flourishes when living life to the fullest and in harmony with yourself.

But too close family relations is impossible, and instead supplemented their habitual life by the presence of a loved one, you just have to refuse.

First, in a fit of passion, on such exchange to accept snap. But after, when emotions will subside, again want the will — to friends, to the mountains, to old Hobbies and space to do this already may not.

And at this stage, many family relationships experience a strong shaking, as to see only the two extremes — fully to dedicate your life to each other or to part.

And after all family relations is quite possible to remain a separate people, and family relationships benefit from this.

If to reject children’s greed and desire to own a person completely, if you step over the fear that unleashed people may not return, if not to reduce the whole your life for family relations, the rises in places.

Some family relationships hold only that the partners talons into each other and not let go.

In this case, if you loosen the grip, family relationships are really destroyed, because in addition to strong embraces of people here nothing was connected. One day, bored met, used and stuck to each other — that’s all family relationships.

And although they have become habitual and convenient — they cost a penny, and no great loss if they fall apart. It is these family relationships end with unanswered question on his deathbed — “why, indeed, I have lived this life?”

Not necessarily spend every minute together. Moreover, it is essential to have personal time for solitude, for their friends and Hobbies. And not five minutes a day and at least half of all the free time. Personal individual life must go on.

This is especially important for men because in their activities and Hobbies he revealed best. But the woman too should be able to fill your time with something else besides communicating with your loved man, so as not to lose its self-value.

Then the time together will be experienced brighter and be valued higher. Just something and need — to afford to do their favorite things, along to be just when you really want to. Therefore, it is important to maintain their separateness in family relationships.

The same can be say about the personal physical space. Yes, a small apartment may make to constantly deal foreheads, but even in the same room everyone can highlight his angle, which is his personal and inviolable.

And how many couples live in multi-bedroom apartments, having no personal space.

Moreover, every night to sleep together in one bed — the one for which young couples moving in together is the worst evil for a long family relationship.

Very easy to keep communicating with a loved one to a dull routine, when both are so nasolili each other’s eyes, no joy at meeting and at parting has a secret sense of relief.

And if you had even one initiated the idea to sleep together, then after six months of joint nights even the naked body is erotic experiences.

Ideally, each person should have his own room, where no one can enter without permission or even open the door without knocking.

And not just a room where you can work, and fully self-contained space to live separately. In fact, if circumstances allow, you can even live in separate apartments and to go alternately to each other in the relationship will not become less serious. Living together is not an indicator of attachment.

Do not be afraid of division of territory and the fact that the person may want to be alone. This does not mean that family relationships fade.

Just everyone from time to time need privacy. And not once a month, but constantly. It is normal and natural, and it is to this and need a personal territory.