How to build family relationshipsThere are few such families. which having lived a long life together, realize that they still can’t live without each other . Despite many mistakes, they were happy now and always, and in this case it does not matter how numerous their family.

Almost every person in life there comes a time when he really wants to have their family . No matter the conditions in which he grew up himself. If the child was brought up in a warm cozy parental nest, there is no guarantee that he will want a family faster than the one that was brought up in an orphanage. On the contrary, children from orphanages, or those that were raised by dysfunctional parents, and much rather want to acquire numerous strong family .

How the child will grow into a wonderful family man . if he was raised by dishonorable parents. His behavior and way of life, these parents couldn’t set an example and teach the secrets of a happy family life . The same strange situation when perfect, ideal parents the child will grow, which is absolutely not suitable for the role of a family man. Not only is he a bad husband or wife, but also the indifferent and insensitive parent. Therefore, you can hardly believe that the key to a successful family happiness can be considered the example of parents.

It means that family happiness depends on the education . which got people? Is also incorrect, because often you can find people living in very rough conditions and do not receive any education, but in his family they are truly happy .

Most likely, marital happiness depends on many things first and foremost from the inner world of man. Having an evil, unfeeling soul will never be a good family man. People not loving animals and children will never be the happy father of many children. People are not able to compromise and see the joy in the little household details, will not be able to maintain happiness in difficult moments. Because the family is not only jointly acquired property, birth of children and the endless domestic problems. This is first and foremost the desire to make happy their loved ones, to have the ability to love, sympathize and compassionate and infinitely willing to save the relationship .

The nature of family relations is based not only on the ability of parents to get along among themselves. Very often these relations influence next-of-kin, and even neighbors. It is therefore important to be able to communicate not only with your partner and with children, but also with the surrounding world. Meet the family where they avoid all communication with the outside, non-family world. But given the running time, when their children grow up, they still have to let into your life someone else, and it is unlikely it will make it easier in old age.

The ability to communicate . to sympathize, to love, to think, to compassion, to care it is only a small part of all those qualities that will ensure a happy family life until old age. But speaking in very General terms, you just need to be human, with all its inherent qualities and really want to be a happy family man . Build your relationship permanently and not just until the wedding. It’s no secret that many young people are relaxing and stop to give yourself and your loved ones the proper attention that was required before the wedding day. All communication comes down to the home, which is very quietly eating up all the romance, and then love. But it is worth remembering, for what was created the family, why people are together and what they felt when they became one family. All certainly falls into place. Working on yourself, improving and taking care of each other, it is possible to live a long and happy family life .