How to diversify family relationships?It is very important in family life, despite the second shift at the stove after work and many worries about the well-being of all members of the family, not to bring their relationship to the point that any strange man will seem much more interesting and more attractive than her own husband.

How to diversify family relationships, to the feeling of intimacy never left you, and meeting and talking with each other invariably brings you to a pleasant trembling and awe?

The simplest solution in this case might be to look at the pile of brochures and women’s magazines on “How to diversify the family sexual relations”, and then, armed with exotic knowledge and examining their ability to stand on your head or on the bridge simultaneously with twine, to indulge in all serious. But for such bold experiments still need soil in the form of a sincere, close relationship, full of trust and sincerity. It is in this case may be it does not matter where the right arm or left leg. And we’re this is their goal, isn’t it?

So how actually you can diversify relations with her beloved husband in the family? Favorite is a very important addition! We are against “resuscitation” and “reincarnations” of the relationship — not always a Cup and stick together so that they could be used. What can we say about the family.

Actually there are many effective ways, the main condition of success is that over the relations were willing to work both. The expectation that one will assume the role massovika-entertainer, is almost certain failure! Here you need to create a special internal state, in which even an ordinary walk can become an adventure, sharing the experience.

We all understand what we’re talking about, but are always looking for reasons why it’s kind of impossible in real life. Before exploring ways how to diversify an intimate relationship in a series of endless routine of everyday life, you have to understand the most important:

1. The more interesting and richer your own life, the more interesting you will look to her husband. Hobbies, communication with others, self — anything, but you have to have your personal space. And then, at least, in the evening home for dinner you will have something to talk and joke.

2. You need to have enough free time for rest, recuperation and full communication within the family. As a rule, it is for our women is the hardest: how to spice up the relationship with her husband, and when!

If you are home do that doing Laundry, cleaning, and cooking, and in the evening without the back legs falling to the bed, thinking only of sleep, then you’re doing it wrong. Here can be two variants. Or you spoiled your family and but you, the household no one does, and here the remedy is plain. Or are you a perfectionist, and you urgently need to reconsider their attitude to household chores. You after a day’s work is planned in the evening dumplings? Ask your husband what he would prefer: the dumplings or you. Or, you might decide it would be cool to do them together.

If these conditions are met and you learned to disconnect from problems, you will be under not only the implementation of the “patented” tips from the how you can diversify relations with her beloved husband. Create your own ways is a real live creativity, which will make your life together happier and brighter.

Just remember — don’t have to be difficult! Even a simple walk with peace of communion, the interpenetration of the world of each other, jokes can shake better than the most expensive island trips. Although one does not exclude another.

And the same romantic note, for example, in the most unexpected places, prudently laid out in advance? Just imagine how chilly rainy morning you open the sugar bowl to sweeten coffee and early Wake up, and in it a note from a loved one: “Good morning, my sweet.” Or he opens a thermos somewhere on the ice fishing, and then: “Come on, honey, hurry, I’ll warm you up quick!” Not necessarily that the Epistles present a deep meaning or they shone articulate. It can any only your words, hints and affectionate nicknames is a simple words that suddenly burst into your everyday life, imbued with soul and warmth explodes in his chest and a smile on his face.