How to refresh family relationships.One day, every woman have to admit that her relationship with a man is not all right. She begins to notice that they are both estranged from each other. everyone does his own thing — there is still the need to constantly see, hear, feel the closeness. Intelligent woman not willing to lose his position, can not disturb it.

Most importantly, be confident in the fact that all this is the usual story for a long relationship, not to panic and make a clear plan of action:

1. Be sure to prioritize between work and family. To understand that family and family always comes first.

2. To arrange «down memory lane» — to revise the old photos (especially romantic, wedding), with the participation of the husband, of course.

3. Finally get somewhere just the two of us. without children. friends, grandchildren, etc. to Plan your budget so that you are free to relax and indulge in some entertainment.

4. To take such trips, cinema visits, trips to the cottage ( alone), for the Rule!

5. To talk with my husband more, listen to it and tell about yourself.

How to improve your relationship:

No doubt, you both will fall returned the feeling of love. You will regain enthusiastic, loving, interested in views. You again have something to talk about, you will have your secrets. You will regain youthfulness, the desire to live life to the fullest and making plans. You will not have time to listen to crazy stories of our neighbors or colleagues about their 37 the quarrel. You will again be one, strong, juicy Apple!

Every woman will understand that you want to add to the list of actions that she, in her particular case. Most importantly, a little to prepare your «mate» to change, especially if the quarrel with her husband have become quite common. Unprepared, the man may not understand all the way you need and to avoid another argument can be difficult.

Everything should be natural. Set it up yourself. Revise their Outlook on life. Understand that nothing is more important than your relationship with your husband (and the rest will work itself out) and start your way to him.

P. S. If in your case things have gone so far that annoyed you from one husband, and you need to go on small cunning:

Buy a new toilet water, with such a pleasant, exciting, you smell, what you can find. The smell coming from your man is difficult to overestimate. If you missed it, urgently correct the mistake.

Buy such clothes for the house and myself and my husband that highlights your strengths. It is not necessary to save.

The result will not keep you waiting. The reward will be a guaranteed attraction to each other. And remember that the order in intimate relationships — the guarantee of order of the rest of our lives!