How to become feminineHow strange, but it is a question about how to be feminine, often passes me by the administrator from our readers.

Why weird? Strange due to the fact that femininity is our essence, our nature, our natural need. Perhaps the same natural as the desire in men to be strong and confident, to be successful in the business. By the way, why success is so important for a strong half of mankind, you can learn from the article by my colleague Rashid Terranova in the article “What is most important to men in life?” on our website “Sun hands.”

Why so often many girls and women send a question about how to be feminine? At first it surprised me. When such questions began to come more and more, I began to think about why we women are looking for the answer to the question, which is a priori inherent in us by nature? Why in fact so few truly feminine and gentle women, and so many active, enthusiastic and confident on the male of the fairer sex?

I pondered this question in a day when summer is not yet over, and autumn has not come into its own. As they say, the middle of the half. The sun was shining brightly, and I wanted to feel its gentle rays on my face. I went outside and decided to wander around the city, admiring the Islands last summer.

Here somewhere in the trees leaves are still green. And there’s a flock of girls runs in light jackets and shoes in the hope that warm weather will stay longer, and they still have time to enjoy the sunshine. Passed the company office staff, eagerly disputing about what they had seen the weather forecast, which promises in our latitudes, the obvious Maldives, but they don’t believe it, as the Maldives can be found on the Maldives, but from the lingering summer, they would not be refused.

How nice to have a such attacks and enjoy the fact that you can just Be. Just wandering the streets and feeling a part of this complex universe. This happiness is. In more detail, I wrote about this subtle state, to which we all aspire, in the article “How to feel the taste of life” on the website “Solar hands”. To feel our belonging to this world and be happy with what you have. How nice to feel feminine and beautiful, interesting and attractive! And how nice when passing, interesting men look at you and smile, someone says compliments.

The main thing is not to rush and to enjoy the situation on a tea spoon, as if he had tasted the tasty treat and tried to eat it slowly-slow enough for a long time. But do all women get to enjoy its nature? Do all women know how to use his charm and to rejoice that they are women? All women know how to use their femininity so that they may be happy, and men felt themselves to be heroes? Apparently not, since so many lately comes letters with question about how to be feminine.

I slowly roam the quiet streets of the city and are stuffed to remember the events from so long ago…