How to build family relationshipsTo build good family relationships must meet three conditions. The first condition – the husband and wife must be bound to each other tender feelings. Second, they should equally invest in creating relationships. The third condition was fine. Without the adoption and implementation by both spouses of certain rules, regulations and prohibitions to build a stable relationship impossible.

Most problems in couples arise due to the violation of the second condition, when one of the spouses seems that he puts into the relationship much more than the other. In the first months after the wedding, you are full of plans, feelings and sensations that this happiness will be endless. But after a few months you can start annoying habits of a spouse, his manner to leave your stuff and sing in the bathroom.

And now you think he doesn’t love and appreciate (“I cleaned all day, and he again threw his things on the floor”). But husband your offense can see the utter contempt (“I earn money, get tired, and she can’t hang things in the closet”).

How to avoid this situation? Firstly, before the wedding, it is advisable to live together for several months and make sure that you fit each other in everyday terms. Secondly, think about the third condition. Agree among themselves about the responsibilities and rules of conduct. After all, if you earn less than the wife, it does not mean that you are not tired.

Another common family problem is the estrangement of the spouses. Lack of communication leads to the impoverishment and disappearance of family relationships. So not happening, daily share with each other their experiences, news and events. In principle, topics of conversation are not so important, the main value is that you have the opportunity to speak out and be heard.

Try to keep your love. Through the prism of her spouse’s shortcomings will seem very small and insignificant. In addition, the state of love will not allow minor conflicts to escalate into major military actions.