Many years ago.Here comes business, successful girl. Short hair, business suit, more similar to the male, a portfolio of documents. It goes, firmly enunciating step. Look tense and staring off into the distance. She clearly does not notice the world: clouds that look like strange animals, chirping of birds, young trees that were recently planted in the Park, after which it rapidly goes to his goal.

Yes, she has a goal and no obstacles. She firmly and, if necessary firmly, to give orders to employees: when, who and what to do, where to call, what questions to resolve. Several facilities are in the plan for change. If time drags on, she personally, in spite of the late hour, gets in the car and leaves the building. To clarify the details with the Customer, negotiations with the Contractor, determine the cause of the delay, calls to other cities, the settlement of supply, to whom and how much is not paid, it is who and what is confused, what should be amended in the budget and so on, so on, so forth.

Late at night our girl time to go home… to pack my things and dash away in the next trip. Yes, still leave on the table a note to her husband, “Wake up is not, will in a week.”

She gets on the train and instead enjoy the clatter of the wheels, to rejoice in the fact that the coupe was empty and you can safely drink tea and look out the window, it opens its business portfolio and, again, works, works, works. In a week she is tired, worn out and with the temperature returns home.

– What are you doing? Why do you need that? Why are you with the temperature going to the site? That, without you there is no one to solve some question? Maybe it’s time to stop? – once again, trying to reach her husband.

– You don’t understand. I should be there, I need all sort itself out.

– You’re hot, you’re tired. I’ll go tomorrow. And it’s not just today’s case. Why do you even need grub? Why are you acting like a man? I make enough so that we could live a normal life. Drop everything.

– And what am I going to do? To sit at home? You don’t understand, I will succeed and then….

And here it is worth considering. Every girl and women living in a male, there is a hidden reason for this behavior.

Our girl stopped. Or rather, stopped her. “Who?” – you may ask. It stopped, Life itself, the universe, or God, or Fate. I don’t know what to call the Higher power that intervened and then saved that girl…

The sound of sirens, resuscitation and three long days when her husband and family didn’t know if she lives or gone from this world, leaving behind nothing good. No leave no love, no kindness, no gratitude. Only eternal discontent, the pursuit of happiness, which supposedly “somewhere”, and even the ability to be a “man in a skirt”.

Is it worth it to leave behind such memories? Probably not. Here’s our girl thought, when her soul or somebody else, decided to give her a second chance.


A few years after intensive care, learning to walk and talk again, our girl learned to live in parallel. Having come into this world the second time, she completely struck out old habits, skills, attitudes and views. To intensive care, to a new life.

Then, sitting by the window and watching the clouds floating in the sky clouds and running somewhere people, she asked.

Asked The Universe. Asked your subconscious. Asked: “Why I lived and why I was not enjoying life, not enjoying the fact that I’m a woman? Why I acted like a real man.” In fact, she did not even know what it means to be a Woman. What it means to be feminine, gentle, loving and loved, caring and capricious, flirtatious and carefree, no matter what the circumstances… If you also ask yourself such questions, perhaps the answers will help you to find THIS article on the website “Solar hands” .