Freedom begets affectionTo preserve the freshness of family relations, we must abandon the pursuit of victory, certainty and stability. You need to overcome your fear and allow family relationships to teeter on the brink of fame and obscurity. Play as animals — growl, bite, rolling on the ground, but if the enemy is defeated on the scapula, it must be time to let go — because otherwise the game will end.

Through the fears and the usual representation it is difficult to cross, but the only way you can build a really light, honest and resilient family relationships.

To understand is to try it for yourself.

Have the courage to try — keep your distance. Allow each other to remain individuals. Not sticks to each other, not control each other, don’t let yourself proprietary habits. Be yourself, but don’t forget that you have a person who is dear to you. Keep yourself in their hands.

It seems complicated and annoying, but only as long until you feel the result — it’s really worth it.

Take care of each other and your family relationships

When you buy a new car, do you her personal crash test? No, you blow away with the dust it, Polish it, fill with the best gasoline, drove to the diagnosis in the best service center. You care about her and not feel her strength and not check how it is possible to dilute the petrol so that it could still start.

So why to another person, and family relations with him we come way?

Why, it is normal to tease and provoke each other?

Why play each other’s nerves so many causes of children’s joy? To offend people — is simple enough, but why? Just for your own satisfaction?

Why check family the strength of the relationship? To make sure you can break anything?

Every joke and irony — is a manifestation of aggression. In its pure essence, is the desire to hurt — just for fun. So, the next time you want to play a joke on a loved one, consider what you need it. Do you want to hurt him?

So it might be better to terminate family relationships, not to mock him?

When psychologists talk to each other, they can afford making fun with each other and specially to poke a finger in the sore spots in the training and professional mutual aid. But for people who want to preserve precious family relationships, such games is totally inappropriate.

Do not touch the sore spots of each other without a special invitation. None of us is perfect and everyone has weaknesses. But to use them to hurt or to get their way — the last thing.

Play fair, take care of family relationships — that they bring you joy, so why own up to breaking?

Why in normal family relations care so little about each other?

Why it happens any help out of duty or guilt and not out of a desire to take care of a loved one?

Yes, you do want to relax and have fun for free, and it is hampered only education and mutual resentment, which even fewer want to strain.

But to strain and can in good faith from the good of careful attitude to the man. Not to love and receive gratitude or a favor in the process, not in order to satisfy the demands of parenting, and just because it’s better for you if a loved one will have the strength to spend time together for some more fun.

Why would you wash the car? For her? No, for myself! So try to wash someone close (in whatever sense) is not for him, but for themselves. About dogs care, cats care, even care about fishes, but take care of a loved one does not want. He’s a man — he can take care of himself!

Take care of each other. Take care of each other. Not out of duty, not because a clever article about this written, but because IT is IN YOUR best INTEREST.

Point your selfishness in a constructive direction. Take care of the welfare, health and comfort of the native people, and he will take care of you — pure pragmatism.

Learn to give, not just demand and take. And stop trying to haggle. Both!